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You May Have Never Heard of this Strategy: Commodity Option Selling

November Soybean Contract at 965 cents per bu.  Sold ten of the  1200-strike CALLS  (25% OTM) for $312.50.  After commissions NET = $291.25.  (Sept. 5, 2017).  Here’s the soybean fall price trend; see the 15 year avg smoothed line chart below:


These options have a 98.80% probability of expiring worthless, expire date 52 days away (from 05 SEP 17).

I also have 4 other trades placed with similar successful projections.  You can follow my trades in your paper trade account and see for yourself.  Register (no credit card required) FREE 60-Day trial of the Time Farming Training Bulletin – and you can learn to place this type of trading for yourself.  You don’t have to buy the book to sign up, but you can read more about it here on my Amazon page for the book:   or  sign up for the FREE 6-Day trial here: 





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