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OIC Options Industry Council *RESOURCE*

OICpageIMG_2073OIC is the Options Information Council
The image on this page is for a BULL PUT SPREAD and, as you can see – the OIC’s website has the full rundown on this and many other strategies.

In my book, the Options Exposed PLAYBOOK, I list over 30 diagrams and details on strategies, the most popular and profitable ones.  My book directs the beginner option trader through opening an account, how to learn the basics (what comes first, and then the advanced information).  I urge my readers to make full use of the OIC web pages where many good videos and illustrations – as well as a dictionary of option terms can be found.

In the PLAYBOOK, you get a full discussion on how to select some trades, and the ‘how/why’ that doesn’t come with the basic definitions you find at OIC.

I also give you some tips on how to use the software supplied by your vendor – and how to get them to help you learn it the fast way by making use of the ‘paper trading’ feature while you learn option trading.  OIC is a great resource, check them out at:


Our new book for 2015-2016 is available on Amazon in both paperback (192 pages) and in the Kindle ebook format there.

75 to 80% of stock options expire worthless: I can show you how to sell them and keep the money (how to ‘be the casino’ instead of the gambler.)

Please checkout my Options Exposed Playbook at  paperback & eBook available

Thank you.- Don A. Singletary






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